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Click here to Sign Up is extremely valuable for you and your business.  With this one number you can receive:   Multiple messages at one time,  Faxes without a dedicated fax line and most importantly, Professionally answer your incoming calls using our state of the art digital voice mail system with interactive capabilities.

Examples of how can help you and your business.
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Do not be mislead by our competitors.  We have local numbers in many major metropolitan areas.  We offer FREE access to your messages via our website.  For an additional fee you can have your messages emailed.   We bill once a month.  That's 12 times a year not 13.  Cancel at anytime, No Contract.  We want our customers to stay with us because we have the best service out there, not because they have to.

What's up with those setup fees and one time activation charges.
We do not charge activation fees or setup fees or any other hidden fees. becomes your single number for all your needs.  It is your focal point for all communications.  Give out only one number.   Check only one voice mail.  Calls are sent to you live from your Universal Number to any phone any where.  Receive faxes directly to your Email.  Retrieve your messages FREE from a web browser from anywhere there is an Internet Access Point.
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