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U# can be extremely valuable for your small business. It will allow you to receive more than one message at a time, receive faxes without a fax machine and most importantly, answer your phone calls with professional sound and a state of the art digital voice mail system with interactive capabilities.

Example Greeting

Thank you for calling Bob’s Business.
If you know your party’s extension Press 1 now.
Press 2 if you would like to schedule an appointment
Press 3 for a Sales Representative
Press 4 for store locations
Press 0 for an operator
Press * to repeat these options

The system will automatically recognize fax tones, receive the fax, convert it to an Adobe .pdf file and then e-mail it to you.

Medical Office

Example Greeting

Thank you for calling The Clinic
Press 1 to schedule an appointment
Press 2 for billing and payments
Press 3 for Insurance information
Press 4 for new patient information
Press 5 if you have questions regarding prescriptions
Press * to repeat these options

U# can also create an interactive database that allows customers, based upon a unique code they enter, to check their account information, such as payments made, appointment times or test results.

Multi-Level Marketing

Example Greeting

You have reached Marketing Masters
Press 1 if you know your party’s extension.
Press 2 for information on becomming a new marketeer
Press 3 to place an order
Press 4 to get thet status of your order
Press * to repeat these options

Messages can be customized for specific times of the day. For instance, before or after business hours a greeting can play that gives your hours and then takes a message in a general mailbox.

Construction/Repair Services

Example Greeting

Thank you for calling Builders Inc.
Press 1 to schedule an appointment
Press 2 to verify an existing appointment
Press 3 for A/C repair
Press 4 for Plumbing repair
Press 5 for Parts
Press * to repeat these options

Personal Use

U# can provide you with one phone number you can use for your home, cell, pager, fax and e-mail. Your friends can hear personalized greetings by entering a code you provide.  Your callers can be directed to you live so you can screen and block callers that you do not want to speak to.

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